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Forest School

At Inkpen Primary School, Forest School is a core component of our educational ethos. We are committed to providing every year group with the invaluable opportunity to participate in Forest School activities throughout the academic year.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."                             

Albert Einstein 

The benefits of Forest School are numerous and profound. It is a space where our students can engage in risk-taking in a controlled environment, fostering a sense of independence and resilience. Through activities such as den-building, fire-lighting, and tool work, our students develop essential character-building qualities such as problem-solving skills, teamwork, and perseverance.

Moreover, Forest School is a prime setting for our students to enhance their confidence levels. The natural environment, coupled with the support and encouragement of our staff, offers a nurturing space for students to overcome challenges and achieve personal growth. This boost in self-esteem often translates into improved academic performance and social skills in the classroom.

Physical development is another key benefit of Forest School. The outdoor setting provides ample opportunities for children to engage in physical activities that promote gross motor skills, coordination, and overall fitness. Whether climbing trees, navigating uneven terrain, or engaging in energetic games, students are continually challenging and strengthening their bodies.

Our Forest School sessions take place in the heart of beautiful woodland surroundings, offering a rich tapestry of flora and fauna for our students to explore and learn from. This direct contact with nature not only fosters a sense of environmental stewardship but also provides a sensory-rich experience that enhances learning and well-being.

Underpinning our Forest School provision is the presence of a qualified Forest School leader. Our dedicated staff member brings a wealth of expertise in outdoor education, child development, and risk management, ensuring that our students receive an authentic Forest School experience that is both safe and enriching.

In conclusion, Forest School at our school provides a unique and enriching educational experience that nurtures the whole child. Through risk-taking, character-building, enhancing confidence, promoting physical development, and engaging with nature, our students develop skills and qualities that will serve them well beyond their time in education.