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Early Years Foundation Stage

At Inkpen Primary School we believe that a child’s first years at primary school provide a strong foundation on which their future learning is built. The experiences we provide our children are carefully designed to develop not only their knowledge and understanding but their confidence and independence, enabling them to become more motivated learners. We have created rich and stimulating environments, both indoors and outside, so that our children can access a wide range of experiences and opportunities that will shape them as learners.  

Our curriculum is planned using “Development Matters” the Non-Statutory guidance material that supports practitioners in delivering the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. It has been designed to underpin their learning across all areas of the curriculum in later years. It is carefully planned, not only to build on what the children know and can do, but to help them to think, discuss and plan what they will do next. Within the EYFS framework, there is a strong emphasis on the three prime areas (outlined below) which are "Particularly important for building a foundation for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships and thriving.” (Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage March 2021)

Communication and Language – At Inkpen, we know that children’s spoken language underpins all other areas of learning. Our aim is to ensure that our learning environments are set up in a way that promote discussion and interaction. The adult’s role in this is crucial and we ensure that staff interact effectively with children in a language-rich environment to allow all children to leave EYFS with effective communication skills.

Physical Development – We know how vital physical activity is to children’s all-round development so we plan for a range of opportunities in order for children to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Being part of the local community means that we have access to a range of facilities such as the beautiful woods next to the school and the village recreational ground which is just a short walk away. As well as these experiences, we ensure that our learning environments enable children to develop skills such as agility, coordination, balance and strength.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development -  At Inkpen, we understand the importance of personal, social and emotional development (PSED) in allowing children to lead happy, healthy lives and reach their cognitive potential. Our adults make building strong, warm and supportive relationships a priority in the early years and enable children to understand their own emotions and those of others. Children are taught, through a range of stories and experiences, to develop a positive sense of self and to have confidence in their own abilities.